Passed Time

Its been so long since Feb. Since then I've moved from one side of a town in the country to the other side.
I've even finished school for Phlebotomy (Drawing blood.)
I'm just getting ready for what ever this summer has in store for me. Theres alot that I would love to do but alot of money I dont have but need for my othrodontic.
So right now I'm kind of waiting to get somewhere, go to a new place, move, something!


All up

since the last I been on I havent really got far at all.
I changed my mind from going to Full Sail, i decided to just go somewhere where  I can get hands on or something, my minds literally scattered again...I guess its normal.
i dont know but I wish things made sense.
I have my braces and expander in my mouth so thats going on with me lately. With having appointments, and staying home working out, fishing, running, anything to keep me busy.
I have a new puppy, we decided to name him Lord Brutus, hes mixed chiuahuh...? i dont know. Life right now is just content.


First 4 days of actually working on myself

I realized that what i want is completely up to me not anybody else.
So if I want to lose 10 pounds by 3-15-12 then i have be very diligent!!!
If Im so worried about choosing the wrong college then i need to keep doing my own research on it then it just finding me.
The only way to stay motivated is to think of only my goals right now...
Anxious about gettin my braces on in a couple weeks, only because its been rescheduled  over and over and i just wantbit to be over with.

i got a call from a college just a few minutes ago, it sounds legit better then that penn foster crap. Well obviously I havent told this story yet so let me. A few months back I applied to go to a college online called Penn Foster, they seemed legit. I called them we talked, i sent my downpayment, and they was supposed to send my books lessons, etc. After a month of nothing, i tried to let them know, and supposably was resending me everything, still nothin. After 3 months of nothing, well you can only wish that you never even got in touch with them to begin with. So now they want $150 for cancelling my registration. The guy i talked to early said that, that shouldnt be like that, and thought it was odd they didnt ask for a transcript...The more i ponder about it the dumber i begin to feel.

And well I give in I'm going to do what I can to get into full sail university, in Florida :-) nuff'said!
I am going to what I feel will get me to a better life.
I can get my learn on, and make beats all I want!!
I can't wait.

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